Kitchen #6

Modern style Kitchen is a good combination of classic forms and light color that most of our client desire to enhance the aesthetic of their beautiful home

The kitchens you see here, were designed and installed in residences (Houses and Condo Apartments in both Toronto and Greater Toronto Area) by Classic Design Inc. for 1998 to 2010

For the most part, these kitchens were delivered directly from Italy. Some were made by local manufacturers. Click on any of them and you will see the full-scale photos and further details about them. You can learn more about each kitchen if you come to our office.

The kitchen is a very important part of your home, in terms of its value in the overall price of your property.

A NEW ITALIAN KITCHEN SIGNIFICANTLY RAISES THE MARKET-VALUE OF YOUR HOUSE BY 15-20 %, while the cost of installing it is lower than that. In other words: You will greatly profit from investing in a new Italian kitchen that will be delivered to you by our company Classic Design Inc.!


You can order an Italian or locally manufactured kitchen of any the size, colors and style, following a needs assessment in office of company Classic Design Inc.: 1403-131 Torresdale Ave, Toronto, ON, and a measurement of your kitchen.

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